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Galleries, Auction Houses, Dealers

We offer transportation and installation services to move and install artwork for exhibitions and sales. We understand that sometimes works need to be moved around a few times to find the right lighting, flow or feel.

Art Fairs

We serve both the artists and the venues with their installation, transportation and storage needs. When artists are traveling from fair to fair across the country, our team can help with those logistics.

Museums and Cultural Institutions

Museums and cultural institutions who need to move and/or install valuable and historically significant art pieces in their collections.

Corporate Collections

Companies that have collected art over time, and may use it for an individual office, or to rotate between multiple locations. They use these as brand builders as well as investments for the company.

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"Authentic Transport has been, for years, a generous supporter of STREB, helping us to deliver art auction pieces to their winning bidders. The company’s flexibility and willingness to work within our means is admirable. STREB appreciates our community partners."


"We have been using Authentic Transport regularly for a few years now and couldn't be happier. They are consummate professionals, highly skilled, courteous and level headed. In a field where clients can be very demmanding and the merchandise priceless, I never worry when Authentic is handling the job. From hanging a small frame to transporting an entire fair's worth of inventory, Authentic is always at peak form."

Adam Rizer, shipping manager

"It's an absolute pleasure to work with such dedicated, hardworking individuals. Their proud and passionate teams bring peace of mind to any installation. Thank you Authentic Transport for all your hard work and professionalism." 

Kevin Mejia, head of logistics

"We at Young New Yorkers love Authentic Transport! The team was extremely professional, experienced, and unflappable. They moved more than 100 artworks, many of which needed to be handled with extreme care, across the city to the venue for our annual silent art auction, and then back to our offices after the event."

Rachel Barnard, executive director

"We've done many high-end residential projects with Authentic Transport. They are quick with their quotes, professional on-site and always accommodating. We highly recommend Authentic Transport to our private clients and industry peers." 

Lauren Larson, Co-founder

“Our company has had a very positive experience with Authentic Transport Fine Art Services. We have found their client service, professionalism, and attention to detail to be excellent.”

Tyrone D. Armstrong, facilities manager

Private Collectors

High net worth individuals who own valuable art collections require professional transport and installation services to ensure that their art is safely moved and properly displayed. They understand the value in hiring experts in this space compared to a traditional moving company.

Interior Designers​

Interior designers who work with high-end art pieces as part of their design projects and require professional art transport and installation services to ensure that the artwork is displayed properly. They need a partner who can move items around multi[ple times and understand the logistics of working with items on consignment.


Artists participating in art fairs or other exhibits who may need their valuable pieces safely transported from one venue to the next. 

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