Your collection, Your investment, Our mission.


Authentic Transport was born from an atomic combination of skillful transportation masters and an undeniable passion for art handling. The experience gained first hand by the Authentic team in high-end Manhattan homes, as well as traveling to the most vibrant cities in America, raised skillful craftsmen, unfazed by hard work and ready to make even the most challenging jobs possible.




Handlers by trade, artists by design. Our art specialists customize each job, making it unique and authentic.

We understand how to operate in the unique conditions only found in NYC. Every piece deserves a team who knows how to deliver it with precision.

Sustainability and philanthropy are close to our hearts. Authentic Transport believes in investing in the betterment of our society.

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"We have been using Authentic Transport regularly for a few years now and couldn't be happier. They are consummate professionals, highly skilled, courteous and level headed. In a field where clients can be very demmanding and the merchandise priceless, I never worry when Authentic is handling the job. From hanging a small frame to transporting an entire fair's worth of inventory, Authentic is always at peak form."

Adam Rizer, shipping manager.