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Our Story 


With more than two decades of work experience in the fast-paced and unique world of New York City art transportation, and backed by an intensely vetted team, Authentic Transport has worked countless national and international art fairs, antique expos, auctions, gallery and interior design installations since 2015.

But whether in apartments, townhouses, galleries or large commercial buildings, narrow NYC staircases or one-person-only elevators, our crews uses creativity, professionalism and tenacity to achieve perfection for our clients. We guarantee the best service available to ensure that all valuables are packed, delivered and installed with the utmost care and a winning attitude.

Handlers by trade, artists by design, our team is composed of highly educated art handlers, art specialists, carpenters, CDL drivers and reliable movers who work together to customize each job, making it unique and, well, authentic. Essentially, the art handling and trucking worlds have joined together to generate the most efficient and straightforward service in the industry and we're here to serve you.

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